Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Javier!!!!!

Javier had his 31st birthday on the 19th. He has been working so hard to finish remodeling our back house. On Thursday we has it carpeted and he began filling it with the things we have purchased for it. It came out really nice and I am so proud of him for doing all that work and finishing another project for the house. For his birthday, I made him a cake to reflect the design of the new room. It is a chocolate cake with strawberry filling and designed like a Johnny Walker Black Label Whiskey Bottle. It was a simple square cake, and it came out well. He loved it so much he did not want to cut into it, so I did :) So yummy!!!

Happy Birthday, Javier!!!

The room all completed.

Javier's family came over to celebrate!

And they gave us a huge gift!! It was a outdoor heater for our get-togethers.

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