Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Cake Pops

I took an Easter Cake pop class at Decor, which was the first class I had taken since Christmas.  I was too busy with school so it felt good to be back!  I forgot to take pictures of the individual pops since I gave them away before I could eat them all!  We made a bunny, birds nest, chick, cross, basket, and an egg.  Looking forward to taking more classes now that I am done with school!

Guitar and Lakers Cakes

These cakes were made for a very talented friend named Erandy.  She is a professional hair and make-up artist and you can see her work here at She has asked me to make two special cakes.  One for her son, Elijah, who was turning ten, and the other for her husband, Beto.  They share a birthday weekend.  I made the guitar for her son and the Lakers cake for her husband.  The guitar was the most technically challenging, since I wanted to make an actual guitar.  I used my fiance's, bass guitar at home as an example to follow.  Covering the cake in fondant was pretty tricky, but it came out well and the details make it look more authentic.  The strings are made from gum paste that I rolled out thinly.  I think it came out well even thought it was not really to scale.

 For the Lakers logo, I printed out the logo on paper and then used an Exacto knife to trace the logo onto fondant.  A little difficult and next time I think I would use gum paste for something so detailed.  But in the end, I was pretty happy with both results.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Elephant Birthday Cake

One of my friends asked me to make her dad a birthday cake. He really likes elephants, so I decided to make one out of fondant to put on top. This is a simple but really cute cake and I think he really liked it.

Motorcycle Birthday Cake

This was a last minute order for a motorcycle birthday cake for a little boy. I was sad that I was not going to have time to make the motorcycles and decorations out of fondant or gumpaste. So I had to resort to buying premade items to place on the cake. This was a fun cake to make. I wanted it to look like a landscape scene and I think that I managed to pull it off.

Christmas Treats

This past December I took a Christmas cake pop class. We learned how to make ornaments and different notable Christmas figures. I also made some Christmas cookies for my friend Helen's co-workers.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Danny's Steelers Birthday Cake

My friends Lupe and Danny are really loyal customers.  Their support means a lot to me and so I was very excited to hear that Lupe wanted to surprise her husband with a cake that represented his love and devotion for the Pittsburg Steelers.  This was a fun cake to make even though it gave me a real hard time!  I loved how the colors came out and my fondant appliques ended up looking decent.  I think he was happy to have this cake for his birthday.  Thanks friends!

Philip's 30th Birthday Luau Cake

I should have posted right after making this cake. It has been too long to remember all the details in this one, but it was such a fun cake to make and being so technically challenging, I ended up have zero issues which was a surprise. It is a two layer cake with a really wide top layer to support the gum paste tiki mask. Almost everything was made with gum paste so that it dried hard to support the detail. All the flowers are gum paste as well.  

Gum paste hibiscus flower. 

Gum paste tiki mask in detail.

More gum paste tropical flowers.

Lei flowers were made with fondant.

I even made tiki torches to be lit as the birthday candles.

The birthday boy and his cake!

Happy Birthday, Phillip!

Pumpkin Cake Class

I am a little behind in my postings.  I know about 2 months behind, but with the holidays and school finals I was a pretty swamped. In November I took a class on carving out cake into different shapes.  This one was for a pumpkin.  I was surprised at how relatively easy it was to do.   I have carved a few cakes before (like the purse cake) and this was very similar.  It was a little difficult to get the really round shape though. We also tried a new icing technique.  Instead of spread icing over the cake with a spatula and smoothing it on, we piped it on to get those nice bumps that make the pumpkin look more realistic. I ended up using this cake as our Thanksgiving centerpiece. It really brightened up the table.  My niece had a great time devouring it after dinner was over.

Ashley's Roomination Opening

My friend Ashley is an excellent graphic designer getting ready to graduate this year.  I asked her to design a logo for me and she did an amazing job.  In exchange for her services, I provided some treats for the opening night of the Roomination exhibit that her graphic design department was hosting.  This was a show that portrayed the graphic design process and methods used for creating the final product from students in her program.  It was a really cool show and I was happy to be able to see it as I delivered the goodies.

For the opening, I made a variety of cake pops and mini cupcakes in the color palette of the show's poster.  They were a big hit and I was happy to see so many people enjoying my treats.