Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Arturo!! The Godfather Cake.

Helen helped plan a big birthday party for her godfather, Arturo. So what better way to celebrate than a Godfather themed party! And from here grew the vision. She asked me to make a Godfather cake. I was like "Sure!" and then she said for 100 people! Whoa! This would be my biggest cake yet. I was down for the challenge. She let me know way in advance so I had plenty of time to plan it out and figure out the techniques I would use. The cake is all red velvet with cream cheese frosting. It is all covered in fondant. All elements are made out of fondant or some sort of edible material. The roses are made from gumpaste, the orange is fondant filled with rice krispie treats, the horse head was molded chocolate, and the cannoli was a real cannoli I bought at Claro's Italian Market. The headboard it made of gumpaste and trimmed with gold luster dusted piping along with the writing. The gun and cigar are fondant. It took me about two days to make, but I was really surprised how nicely everything came together with no problems. Everyone loved the cake at the party and it was a nice feeling to get so many compliments about something I created. I can't wait for the next party!

Happy Birthday, Arturo!

Putting the roses on and other finishing touches.

Arturo and his wife cutting the cake.

He enjoyed my fondant gun :)

The family wore these awesome shirts to get in the spirit. Helen thinks of everything!! She needs to be an event planner!

Helen and I and a carefully placed can of beer.

Javier and Jesse.

The mafia!

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