Monday, July 11, 2011

Belen's Baptism Cupcakes

This weekend was full of baking! One of my baking ventures was for Lili's adorable daughter Belen. She was being baptized and wanted a little something sweet to celebrate Belen's special day. She ordered lemon cupcakes with pink frosting and fondant cut-outs similar to some previous baptism cupcakes I had made. I made a vanilla/lemon buttercream frosting to compliment the cake. I tried a recipe using cream cheese instead of milk and wow it was fantastic! I unfortunately had a few extra, which are being devoured daily by me and Javier. They came out really pretty and girly. Lili was thoughtful and took many cute pictures of Belen with the cupcakes. Ready for your heart to swoon from these pics? Here you go . . .

Javier's picture of the cupcakes on my new vintage cake stand.
Belen, the little cutie pie.

The adorable cupcake stand with Belen :)

Is your heart swooning yet?

How about now? Cupcakes and babies make a good combination of cuteness.

The happy family! (Cute headband btw, Lili!)

Awwwww!!!! So pretty!!

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