Monday, August 22, 2011

Lupe's having a baby and a Birthday!

Today is Lupe's Birthday!!! This past weekend was also her baby shower!! She and her husband, Danny, are going to have a little girl and their naming her Audrey. I can't wait and I know they are super excited. I made chocolate cake pops for her shower. I used the colors of her new nursery for the decorations.

Danny ordered her a surprise cake. She loves "I Love Lucy" so he wanted a pregnancy themed Lucy cake. I printed out edible images of Lucy pregnant and also tried to add other classic elements of the show to the cake. So there are chocolates and the vitameatavegamin bottle. There is also a pink I Love Lucy onesie for Audrey :) I wrote "We're having a baby, my baby, and me ..." on it. The cake was chocolate with a mocha filling. Lots of fun to make! Javier was gone that day so I completely forgot to take pictures of the cake!! These were all sent from Lupe. Thanks!!!

Congratulations and Happy Birthday, Lupe!!!!

The pops from the shower.

The Happy Couple.

Proud Papa Danny!

I bought an outfit for Audrey with a cupcake on it!! She'll know it is from me.

The only picture I took of the cake.

Such a pretty mama!

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  1. Thank You Ely!!!! For everything you did and made for us this weekend. You're the best! And an AMAZING BAKER!!! Danny and I truly thank you from the bottom of hearts. xoxo

    Lupe and Danny