Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Introduction and Cake Class #1

Well, after spending most of my summer baking like crazy and posting everything on Facebook, I decided to create a formal space for my baking projects, so welcome to Betty's Batter Blog. I am Elizabeth, a library and information science grad student/elementary substitute teacher, who loves to bake in her spare time and not so spare time (big way for me to procrastinate on schoolwork). I love trying to new recipes and creating things for my friends and family to enjoy. I have way too many cookbooks and hope to start experimenting more with my own recipes.

Tonight was my first cake decorating class. It is a beginning class of 5 weeks. I am completely self taught so far, but hope to learn some more professional tips and skills with these classes. My goal is to take beginning, intermediate, and advanced (fondant) class before the end of this year. This first class was mostly going over the tools and equipment we need for the class and some basic techniques. Since we did not make a cake tonight, I'll post pictures of some of my past cakes and baked treats for you to enjoy!! Stay tuned for next week's post of my first decorating project!

My Aunt Norma and Uncle Ron's 28th anniversary cake, my first fondant cake! A white cake (Recipes: America's Test Kitchen Baking Cookbook)

Israel's Birthday Cake, May 2010-Chocolate Fudge Cake with Vanilla Buttercream with Raspberry Filling (Recipes: The Cake Bible and Magnolia Bakery Cookbook)

Birthday Cake for my grandma April 2010- All American Chocolate Butter Cake with Neoclassical Buttercream Frosting (Recipes: The Cake Bible)

Devil's Food Cake with buttercream frosting for Christmas 2009 (Recipes: Magnolia Bakery Cookbook).

Birthday cake for my mom , a vanilla cake with buttercream frosting (Recipes" The Magnolia Bakery CookBook).


  1. Great job on your first fondant cake! Keep up the great work!!

  2. Thank you so much!! I admire your beautiful creations as well!