Friday, August 20, 2010

Marisol's Baby Shower Cake

Javier's co-worker, Marisol is having a little baby boy in October. So their job is having baby shower for her tomorrow. They ordered a cake from me. A red velvet with cream cheese frosting cake. I love red velvet, but am not a fan of cream cheese frosting. I don't care for the taste, texture, and the fact that is it hard to work with for a decorated cake, but this one was delicious! I used the cake a frosting recipe from the Magnolia Bakery cookbook. This was also the first time making a 12 inch cake. Usually my cakes are pretty small but it came out well and I managed to measure the correct amount of batter.

I went with a duck theme. I like ducks and think they are pretty cute for baby showers. I practiced my writing a lot this week to produce a nice cake. The cream cheese was not easy to frost the cake with but I used a regular buttercream for the piping when I saw how hard it was to work with. It was fun to make and everyone seemed to enjoy it :)

That is a lot of batter!

I practiced my lettering a lot this week.

Whoa!!! Butter and Cream Cheese galore!

The finished product.

Javier's better picture.

The baby shower.

The mommy-to-be, Marisol.

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