Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Andrea's Happy Birthday

Last weekend was my very good friend, Andrea's Birthday. I love this girl! She is the epitomy of sweet, generous, and just overall thoughtful. We met back at UCR which seems like a century ago. I'll never forget that music class :) Anyway, we celebrated her Birthday at The Beach House in Laguna Beach where they had some amazing sourdough rolls! I made her a chocolate cake with fresh strawberry filling. This cake was covered in fondant and colored lilac. When I think of Andrea, I think PURPLE! I bought a new little trim cutter and an eyelit lace punch out and tested it out on this cake. The idea was to create a lace wrap and doily on top fondant dries out super fast, so there was some cracking, but for my first time using these tools, I was pretty happy with the results. I hope you enjoyed it Andrea!!

Feliz Cumpleanos my dear!

The birthday girl!

Andrea and Luis :)

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