Thursday, March 24, 2011

Diana's 4th Birthday !

One of Javier's co-workers, Patricia, ordered some cupcakes for her little niece, Diana's, 4th birthday. She wanted princess-themed red velvet with cream cheese frosting cupcakes. I decided to make little fondant toppers that were princess themed. Some of the cupcakes spelled out "Happy Birthday Diana." Others had a flowered "4" on them and I made butterflies, crowns, and flowers for the other toppers. I was really happy with how everything came out. I had extras so I know they tasted pretty good too!! I hope Diana had a wonderful birthday!
Detail of the flowers.
Detail of the butterflies.
The flowered fours.
The lettered toppers.
All Done!! You can also see the crowns here.

60 Cupcakes in all!

Here is the little cutie on her special day.

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