Monday, April 9, 2012

Guitar and Lakers Cakes

These cakes were made for a very talented friend named Erandy.  She is a professional hair and make-up artist and you can see her work here at She has asked me to make two special cakes.  One for her son, Elijah, who was turning ten, and the other for her husband, Beto.  They share a birthday weekend.  I made the guitar for her son and the Lakers cake for her husband.  The guitar was the most technically challenging, since I wanted to make an actual guitar.  I used my fiance's, bass guitar at home as an example to follow.  Covering the cake in fondant was pretty tricky, but it came out well and the details make it look more authentic.  The strings are made from gum paste that I rolled out thinly.  I think it came out well even thought it was not really to scale.

 For the Lakers logo, I printed out the logo on paper and then used an Exacto knife to trace the logo onto fondant.  A little difficult and next time I think I would use gum paste for something so detailed.  But in the end, I was pretty happy with both results.

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