Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pumpkin Cake Class

I am a little behind in my postings.  I know about 2 months behind, but with the holidays and school finals I was a pretty swamped. In November I took a class on carving out cake into different shapes.  This one was for a pumpkin.  I was surprised at how relatively easy it was to do.   I have carved a few cakes before (like the purse cake) and this was very similar.  It was a little difficult to get the really round shape though. We also tried a new icing technique.  Instead of spread icing over the cake with a spatula and smoothing it on, we piped it on to get those nice bumps that make the pumpkin look more realistic. I ended up using this cake as our Thanksgiving centerpiece. It really brightened up the table.  My niece had a great time devouring it after dinner was over.

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