Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday. Every year she always wants the same type of cake for her special day. A vanilla cake with pink buttercream frosting. She says it reminds her of the cakes she used to get from her childhood. So I made it this year. I found a really awesome vanilla white cake recipe in one of my books, so I decided to use it for this cake. I also used the Vanilla Frosting recipe that I am starting to love from the America's Test Kitchen Cookbook.

I decorated the cake to look a little retro, however the pink came out REALLY PINK! Almost on the neon side. Oh well, at least it tastes great!! Love you mom!

Happy Birthday!!

The layering process

View from the top.

The cake tasted phenomenal!!


  1. Ooooh! Love the cool dot designs. Your blog is inspiring me to step it up a notch for a birthday cake I'll make this week. If only I lived nearby and could just hire you! ;-)

  2. Ahhh Thanks Kristin!! I wish we lived closer, I could give you a mini lesson :)You can always look up methods on Youtube though, that is how I learn what I don't know yet :)