Saturday, September 11, 2010

Norma's 28th Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday, Norma!! This was the other cake I started on Thursday night but I got an extra night to finish it on Friday. This was my first attempt at a sheet cake. I bought a new pan a while ago and have not had a chance to use it. I wanted to expand my circular cake horizons a bit. I found it easier to frost than a circular cake, but more difficult to maneuver around since it is much thinner and more fragile than a round cake. In the end it came out well and added another cake experience notch to my belt.

The cake was chocolate (America's Test Kitchen recipe) with a chocolate pudding filling (bought since I did not get a chance to make my own ganache) and a vanilla frosting (also America's test Kitchen recipe). Here is the process of assembling:

Making a frosting dam for the filling.

Filling with chocolate pudding.

The crumb coat (I learned my lesson from the wedding cake!)

The completed cake. I decided on a cherry blossom tree since it is so pretty and feminine.

How cute, I did not notice the restaurant put a candle on each of the branches :)

The birthday girl!

Me and Norma.

The inside (by the way, thanks to Astrid for taking all of these pictures, which I then stole from Facebook)

This was the card I got for her, I love it!!! Need to get one for myself.

All the girls! (A few missing).

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