Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kermaine's Raider Cake

Javier's friend and co-worker, Kermaine, ordered a cake for his brother, Jerry's, birthday. It was a half sheet chocolate cake and he wanted a Raiders theme. At first I was nervous to be honest, but when he sent me a picture of what he wanted, I knew I could do it. This was my first half sheet cake and I was excited to finally find a half sheet pan. I bought it at Surfas Gourmet Restaurant Supply in Culver City. This place has quickly become my go-to for all things cake and bake! Their prices are great and they really do have everything.

I was up super late making this cake so there are only a few pictures of the process. But I was really happy with the cake and Jerry looked pretty happy too. That is what makes me want to do this. Being a part of making someone's special day even more special.

Happy Birthday Jerry and thanks Kermaine!

The finished cake.
I tripled this recipe but should have only doubled it. I had a lot of extra batter.

The base coat at about midnight!

Fondant football and lettering.

The logo is fondant and the man is royal icing. I printed out an outlined image off the internet.

Jerry looking pretty happy :)


  1. Ok, not a Raider fan by any means, but the cake is so cute. I like the numbers on the side lines the most. Nice details.

  2. Great Job Ely! It looks wonderful!