Friday, September 17, 2010

Welcome Baby Damian!

This weekend I made another cake for Marisol's baby boy, Damian. This time her sister, Neida ordered it for her family baby shower. I made a chocolate devil's food cake with fresh strawberry filling and whipped cream. I had to make a thick vanilla buttercream to achieve this level of piping. This was one of the biggest cakes I have made yet, 14 inches! This was the first basket weave cake I had made too. I think it came out pretty well. I really liked how the colors came out, so bright and clear.

Filling the inside with strawberries and whipped cream.

Covering with whipped cream.

I was happy how easily the cake took shape without having to do any carving.

The crumb coat.

It has been pretty hard to manage filling an 18" piping bag without an extra pair of hands, so I had an idea! I used a tall container to handle it for me :)

The base coat of frosting.

Practice, practice, practice . . .

Adding a layer of blue icing for the background.

Where it is baby going to go?

Beginning the basketweaving . . .

Halfway there . . .

All done!

And the final product, a view from the top.

Javier had to go to work so I took these pics, all by myself!

With the writing. I thought the cake came out super cute, and Neida was really happy with it.

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