Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Final Intermediate Cake Class

Tonight was my last intermediate cake decorating class. We had four classes but this series was mostly about learning techniques and so we did not make many cakes. We learned how to make flowers with royal icing, chocolate wrapped cakes which you saw an earlier post on, the rope border, basket weave, and colorflow. Tonight we made a cake that expressed all of these new things. It was really hard to basketweave on the side of a cake. Gravity was really taking over, but in the future I will make my icing more stiff so it will be easier. I also really loved the way the rope border looks and will be using it more in the future as well.

This class only had 5 students in it. It was nice to have a more intimate experience than the beginning class of 15 + students. I felt like I bonded more with this group of ladies. The best part is that we are all taking the next class in the series: Fondant. So I will get to see them all for another 4 weeks :)

Here is the final cake, sorry for so few pictures.

My picture.
Javier's picture.

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