Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Julio!

This weekend was Javier's and my friend, Julio's birthday. Julio is a DJ and Javier posed the idea of making a DJ themed cake for his birthday party. I did a little research online, but did not like what I saw so I came up with this design on my own.

The base is a 1/2 sheet vanilla cake and the top two rounds are chocolate. I covered it all in vanilla buttercream frosting because it really holds food coloring well. The details such as the record tops, dials, and volume control, are all fondant with piped writing. I baked the cakes on Friday and decorated on Saturday. Julio was stoked with his cake and everyone was impressed. I was pretty proud of this cake.

Julio DJ's regularly at Cherch Lounge, Fullerton, CA on Wednesday nights, and Downey Billiards on Thursday night. He also does weddings and other special events, so contact me if you need a good DJ!

Happy Birthday DJ Habitat!

The cake in progress.

Javier's Photo Shoot.

DJ Habitat with his cake.

Me (after I took off my costume) and Julio.


  1. Had no idea you ran a blog.....I must say I love it! And Julio's cake was delicious!

  2. Thanks Yeah I started by blog in the summer, it is fun, but my entries are going to slow down a but, school is getting crazy. I am sad I did not get to try the cake :(