Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween Cookie Class

On Monday night I took a Halloween Cookie Class also taught by Dawn at Decor. This was a great class. We were going to make 5 different cookies but we only made three. As you can see they are really detailed and pretty time consuming. I still have some undecorated cookies so hopefully after my two projects are due next week for school, I will have a little time to focus on them.

We made these cookies out of fondant. No royal icing at all. This was my first time working in detail with fondant. It was easier than I thought and I love how it adds depth and dimension to the cookies. I was surprised that you only need water to adhere the individual pieces. After each cookie was made we used Luster Dust to make it sparkle and just to add a nice finish. I don't think I can eat these cookies!! They will forever be stored in a bag, they are just too pretty!

My picture.

Javier's incredible shot! With the cute web bowl my mom gave me.

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